The Hard Working Americans roll through Colorado with stop at Twist & Shout in Denver, tonight at Boulder Theater (video, photos)


Members Todd Snider, Dave Schools, Neal Casal, Chad Staehly and Duane Trucks

Members Todd Snider, Dave Schools, Neal Casal, Chad Staehly and Duane Trucks

By Alan Crandall

The Hard Working Americans are doing it right.  A recently formed super group, melded members of  bands like Widespread Panic, Chris Robinson Brotherhood & Great American Taxi, brings a strong sound and lyrics based in Americana rock, with the feeling of both easy and hard driving folk style tunes.  The band formed less than a year ago hit the scene as a powerhouse with members, Todd Snider, Dave Schools, Neal Casal, Chad Staehly and Duane Trucks.

From the bands Facebook page, “Led by Snider’s intrepid vocals and backed by a band of ace players, the Hard Working Americans created fresh song arrangements to tell stories of the everyman and woman- the frustrated and downtrodden, the gritty and gorgeous, the blue-collar and no-collar- hard working folks that give this country a backbone.”

The band kicked off their Colorado run headlining an event at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre in Bellvue, Colorado.  Here is a view of their sound check.

The band has several releases under their belt including their self titled album “The Hard Working Americans” and a 7 inch vinyl release “Don’t Want To Hurt Nobody.”

The second stop on The Hard Working Americans Colorado run was a CD and Album promo event at Twist & Shout in Denver where, already dedicated fans, lined up hours before the 6:00p.m. show.

Tonight the band will pack the Boulder Theater and tomorrow they will end their end this Colorado run at the Ogden Theater in Denver.

We caught up with the band at their Twist & Shout event, here are a few views from the show.   See you at the show.

HWA-2 HWA-5 HWA-6 HWA-10 HWA-12 HWA-13 HWA-15 HWA-16 HWA-17 HWA-20 HWA-22 HWA-23 HWA-24 HWA-27 HWA-29 HWA-31 HWA-32 HWA-36 HWA-38 HWA-39 HWA-40 HWA-42 HWA-43 HWA-45 HWA-49 HWA-50 HWA-55 HWA-57 HWA-58 HWA-60 HWA-63 HWA-68 HWA-69 HWA-72 HWA-75 HWA-76 HWA-77 HWA-78


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East LA’s Los Lobos perform for Louisville Street Faire to packed audience (photos, video)

lobos_600By Alan Crandall
Over thirty years strong, East LA’s Los Lobos have never lost sight of their roots and continue to thrill audiences.  Even sans founding member, guitarist and vocal artist David Hidalgo, as was the case Friday, the band takes their audience on a great ride with upbeat songs based in Americana and Latin roots.  From the bands website; “Perez, the band’s drummer, once called their powerhouse mix of rock, Tex-Mex, country, folk, R&B, blues and traditional Spanish and Mexican music “the soundtrack of the barrio.”

Event planners in Louisville were prepared for the large crowd even adding additional speakers to avoid attendees crushing in on the stage.  From the front, though packed, there was plenty of room to shake your booty.  Threats of rain may have dampened the crowd numbers slightly though the concert saw a wonderful breezy evening, Friday, July 11th.  There were a couple of musicians sitting in with the core members of the band, one of them a local percussionist Scott Parker Mast. Here are some views from the show.  Enjoy.

LosLobosLou14 LosLobosLou14-2 LosLobosLou14-7 LosLobosLou14-8 LosLobosLou14-9
A special thanks to Todd Gray for this photo.

CesarByToddGray600 LosLobosLou14-10 LosLobosLou14-12 LosLobosLou14-13 LosLobosLou14-14 LosLobosLou14-15 LosLobosLou14-18 LosLobosLou14-20 LosLobosLou14-22 LosLobosLou14-23 LosLobosLou14-24
LosLobosLou14-25 LosLobosLou14-26 LosLobosLou14-27 LosLobosLou14-31 LosLobosLou14-32 LosLobosLou14-33 LosLobosLou14-37 LosLobosLou14-44 LosLobosLou14-45 LosLobosLou14-54 LosLobosLou14-56 LosLobosLou14-57 LosLobosLou14-58 LosLobosLou14-62 LosLobosLou14-63 LosLobosLou14-66 LosLobosLou14-68 LosLobosLou14-69


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‘Feels like the first time’ as The Motet eagerly returns to Red Rocks

The Motet, shown on the Summer Camp Music Festival stage in Chillicothe, Ill., in May, will play Red Rocks on July 5. (Spady Photography / Courtesy photo)

The Motet, shown on the Summer Camp Music Festival stage in Chillicothe, Ill., in May, will play Red Rocks on July 5. (Spady Photography / Courtesy photo)

By Quentin Young
Second Story Garage

This could be The Motet’s moment.

The popular Boulder band has scored two recent gigs at the Fillmore Auditorium, its brand is gaining fans in markets throughout the country, and its members’ various side projects are getting busier.

And now The Motet is scheduled to perform on July 5 at the venue to beat all Colorado venues: Red Rocks.

The Motet has played the venue before, but it was at least nine years ago (an Internet search indicates The Motet opened for Blues Traveler at Red Rocks in 2004 and 2005), and band leader Dave Watts says he can barely remember it.

But he and the band have been looking forward to playing the iconic venue for a couple of years, he said.

“It feels like the first time,” he said.

The Motet will open the show for Chicago jam band Umphrey’s McGee, and Nashville rock act Moon Taxi is also on the bill.

How do you prepare for a show at one of the most fabled concert venues in America? The Motet is taking the just-be-yourself approach. For past big shows, the band often has invited special guests to perform with them. Not this time.  Read More



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MarchFourth Marching Band entertains Louisville Town Faire (photos, video)

MarchFourth Marching Band (M4 to its fans) is a kaleidoscope of musical and visual energy that inspires dancing in an atmosphere of celebration” is how their website describes the band MarchFourth Marching Band, a date, a command and a band. M4 visited the Louisville Downtown Street Faire on Friday, June 27, 2014. Here are some point and shoot views from the show.

March4thmb_lou_14 March4thmb_lou_14-3 March4thmb_lou_14-5 March4thmb_lou_14-6 March4thmb_lou_14-7 March4thmb_lou_14-8 March4thmb_lou_14-11 March4thmb_lou_14-12 March4thmb_lou_14-15 March4thmb_lou_14-16 March4thmb_lou_14-17 March4thmb_lou_14-20 March4thmb_lou_14-21

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The John Butler Trio packs the Fox Theatre for pre Red Rocks concert (photos, video)

The John Butler Trio packed the fans into a sold out show at Boulder’s Fox Theatre on June 5, 2014 as a warm up for their Red Rocks appearance the next eve. It was a fun show with very dedicated fans, most planning on attending the Red Rocks concert for their full JBT experience. Here are a few views from the event.


John Butler

John Butler

JBT_Fox_14-4 JBT_Fox_14-6 JBT_Fox_14-9 JBT_Fox_14-11 JBT_Fox_14-15 JBT_Fox_14-17 JBT_Fox_14-19 JBT_Fox_14-20 JBT_Fox_14-24 JBT_Fox_14-26 JBT_Fox_14-27 JBT_Fox_14-32 JBT_Fox_14-33 JBT_Fox_14-38 JBT_Fox_14-40 JBT_Fox_14-41 JBT_Fox_14-42 JBT_Fox_14-43

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LOHI festival this Saturday to feature moe., Pimps of Joytime, The Heavy Pets and more…

lohiwebBeverage Distributors Presents LOHI Music Festival DISCO is this Saturday in Denver’s Lower Highlands! Get your tickets now at This year’s festival is featuring Moe. (Two Sets), Pimps of Joytime, The Heavy Pets, Chrome Drones, Joey Porter’s Vital Organ, Genetics & a very special Tiger Party feat. members of Lotus, GS3 & American Babies! Also, be sure to secure your late night tickets for Everyone Orchestra, Pimps of Joytime & The Heavy Pets at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom! #LOHI

This will be a fun time in Denver, grab your sunscreen and sandals and get ready to party in Denver. See you at the show!

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Kronen contest alert! Band offering 10 autographed CDs and 5 pairs of tickets to CD release party


That’s right, the band Kronen is having a CD release party at the Fox Theatre in Boulder and to celebrate they are giving away five pairs of tickets and ten autographed CDs. This give-a-way is sponsored by and the contest ends June 19, the concert is Friday June, 20. To enter click here and good luck!

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String Cheese Incident’s Song In My Head album release & 20th anniversary free Incident (Photos, Video)

Thousands show up for the String Cheese Incident's free concert on the Hill in Boulder, Monday, April 28, 2014.

Thousands show up for the String Cheese Incident’s free concert on the Hill in Boulder, Monday, April 28, 2014.

By Alan Crandall

Boulder’s String Cheese Incident celebrated their 20th anniversary and the album release of “Song In My Head” with a free Incident on the Hill in Boulder, Monday, April 28. Thousands of exuberant fans were on hand for maybe one of the largest crowds to hit the hill in many years. Check out this review from Grateful Web of the new album.

From the stage facing north at the intersection of 13th and College, fans could be seen filling the street for several blocks. Check out these views from the amazing event.

The Daily Camera‘s Jeremy Papasso created this great view of the event.

Another view Tout video from the event.

Photos by C. Alan Crandall
SCI_songinmyhead-2 SCI_songinmyhead-3 SCI_songinmyhead-6 SCI_songinmyhead-8 SCI_songinmyhead-13 SCI_songinmyhead-16 SCI_songinmyhead-20 SCI_songinmyhead-26 SCI_songinmyhead-28 SCI_songinmyhead-30 SCI_songinmyhead-31 SCI_songinmyhead-37 SCI_songinmyhead-39 SCI_songinmyhead-46 SCI_songinmyhead-49 SCI_songinmyhead-51 SCI_songinmyhead-54 SCI_songinmyhead-59 SCI_songinmyhead-64 SCI_songinmyhead-65 SCI_songinmyhead-70 SCI_songinmyhead-73 SCI_songinmyhead-78 SCI_songinmyhead-79 SCI_songinmyhead-80 SCI_songinmyhead-84 SCI_songinmyhead-86 SCI_songinmyhead-88 SCI_songinmyhead-89 SCI_songinmyhead-92 SCI_songinmyhead-93 SCI_songinmyhead-100 SCI_songinmyhead-105 SCI_songinmyhead-106 SCI_songinmyhead-107 SCI_songinmyhead-113 SCI_songinmyhead-114 SCI_songinmyhead-116
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G. Love & Special Sauce to headline at the Boulder Theater tonight and Saturday, enter to win tickets

GLoveBT13-FBG. Love and Special Sauce are in town for a couple of shows at the Boulder Theater.  We were on hand for the last time G. Love at the theater and he put on a fantastic show.  The band is fresh out of the studio to record their new album Sugar that will be released on April 22. is giving away a pair of tickets.  Contest ends at 1 pm today.  To enter click here, and we will see you at the show!

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Asheville’s Town Mountain to headline Cervantes Other Side’s Grass for that Ass


Town Mountain

One of the very cool things to happen in Denver’s Jam Grass scene is Cervantes Other Side’s “Grass for that Ass” series happening on Thursdays.  From the Cervantes website, “GRASS FOR THAT ASS is a Thursday Weekly at The Other Side feat. Bluegrass, Delta Blues, Dancegrass, Stompgrass, Jamgrass, Folk, and every kind of music with strings attached!”

Tonight’s lineup is headlined by an amazing band called Town Mountain.  I first saw Town Mountain perform last year in their hometown of Asheville, NC as a warm up for Elephant Revival and Leftover Salmon.  The band has a great sound and will have you dancing after just a few notes.

From a recent note from the band: “The sound of the award-winning group Town Mountain can best be described as traditional bluegrass, albeit with a rough-hewn side to it that is not too slick or glossy. They are a band of the here-and-now, yet they have a groove that is based on the bluesy and swinging sounds explored by the first generation of bluegrass pioneers of the last century. With the success of their latest album, Leave The Bottle, the word is out with some of their best reviews yet.”

So grab this opportunity and head down to Cervantes tonight to check out the show that also features The Quick & Easy Boys and Acoustic Mining Company.

Here is a Town Mountain Video to get you warmed up for the show.

YouTube Preview Image

Town Mountain Spring Tour
Fri-Sat 3/20-21 Live Oak, FL – Suwannee Springfest
Thu 3/27 Greenville, SC – Independent Public Alehouse
Fri 3/28 Asheville, NC – Isis Music Hall
Sat 3/29 Charlotte, NC – Puckett’s Farm Equipment
Thu 4/10 Denver, CO – Cervantes’ Other Side
Fri 4/11 Salida, CO – SteamPlant Event Center
Sat 4/12 Durango, CO – Durango Bluegrass MeltDown
Wed 4/23 Nashville, TN – Music City Roots
Sat 4/26 Wilkesboro, NC – MerleFest
Fri-Sat 5/9-10 Aiken, SC – Aiken Bluegrass Festival
Sun 5/11 Black Mountain, NC – Lake Eden Arts Festival
Fri 5/16 Charleston, SC – Palmetto Brewing Loading Dock Music Series
Sat 5/17 Panola, SC – Birdfest
Fri 5/30 Raleigh, NC – Southland Ballroom
Sat 5/31 Syria, VA – Graves Mountain Festival of Music
Sun 6/1 Washington, DC – American Roots Music Series at Hill Center
Fri 6/6 Scottown, OH – Appalachian Uprising
Sat 6/7 Whitesburg, KY – Seedtime on the Cumberland
Mon 6/9 Lexington, KY – Best of Bluegrass
Thu-Fri 6/12-13 Grass Valley, CA – California Bluegrass Association Father’s Day Festival
Tue 6/17 Bean Blossom, IN – Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival
Fri-Sat 6/20-21  Nome, AK – Nome Midnight Sun Folk Fest


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