The Boulder Daily Camera introduces studio

Kyle Hollingsworth and Dan Dan Schwindt

Introduction by Alan Crandall,

Things are picking up at Boulder’s Daily Camera newspaper especially in the entertainment and music categories.  We have broken the traditional model of print media and embarked on the new offering of creating music and interview videos of local and traveling musicians.

Many of the Camera staff, myself included, have contributed hours of brainstorming, planning, and acquiring the necessary equipment to bring the Second Story Garage studio to fruition.  I am a behind-the-scenes supporter of this effort; having been involved in planning, studio sound-proofing, website development and even inviting some of the artists to participate.

I believe we have struck on something that can be a model for other print media companies that are looking to increase their digital offerings in a very fun way.  With that I will share with you an article written by our two talented interviewers, Ashley Dean of the Colorado Daily and Quentin Young of the Longmont Times-Call.  The photos are my cell phone images taken during recording sessions.  For more information check out

Behind the scenes at Second Story Garage
Previously published at the

Vox Machina (with cell phone photo effects)

We can’t keep this to ourselves anymore. It’s time to announce it to the world.
Early in the summer, a group of us at the Daily Camera, Longmont Times-Call and
Colorado Daily got together to create a new music performance video series. We invited
local and touring artists into a studio we built in just off the Camera
newsroom in Boulder, and now we have a stock of about 20 sets of performances, including interviews with the musicians. We’re talking about some of the region’s top talent, including The String Cheese Incident’s Kyle Hollingsworth, The Yawpers, Rob
Drabkin and West Water Outlaws.
But the Garage didn’t sprout up overnight. The first seeds were planted in August
2011 and it took months for sound engineer Duncan Taylor, Camera editor Kevin Kaufman and former features editor Dave Burdick to build a studio within the constraints
of a, um, modest newspaper budget.
We kind of learned how to do this thing as we went, so, even as we began posting the
videos, we never really gave the series a proper launch.
That changes … 3 … 2 … 1 … now!
We call it Second Story Garage. The studio is on the second floor of the Camera building,

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

and after some digging in our own garages, we got it looking like one. We ask every artist who visits the studio to help add to the clutter — or, if you prefer, decorate the set — by leaving something with us. The luxuriously coiffed Drabkin gave us a purple hair pick. Young, multi-talented singer Jaden Carlson drew us a picture from a novel she’s writing. The Longmont band Idlewhile handcrafted a
mock vintage radio. With each new item, the character of the set changes slightly and the
presence of the artists who left the trinket is sustained.
We could just write about musicians and tell you what they sound like, but nothing
can really do the music justice like hearing — and seeing — it for yourself. It’s also
a way to celebrate homegrown talent and showcase touring musicians who are
passing through town.
That’s what the Garage is about. (We’ll admit we’re having fun, too.)

The High Road

The studio is fairly small, and it’s sometimes a tight fit when five-piece rock bands
with full drum kits crowd the floor. But it sure makes for intimate performances — as
if the bands were just jamming in a garage — and those good vibes come through the performances we’ve captured.
We — Colorado Daily music writer Ashley Dean and
Longmont Times-Call arts writer Quentin Young — book the artists and serve as hosts. The core SSG team also includes videographer Paul Aiken, sound engineer Duncan Taylor and Camera editors Kaufman and Kevin Huhn.
This marks our formal launch of Second Story Garage, so if this is the first
time you’re hearing about the series, check it out and let us know what you think.
You can find videos at, and we also post them to each newspaper’s website. While you’re at it, sign up for the newsletter to
get the music delivered straight to your inbox.
This is just the beginning, and we’re excited for you to
see what we’ve done so far.
So, meet us in the Garage.

Quentin Young can be reached at 303-684-5319 or; Ashley
Dean can be reached at

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