Audio File: New music — get into it

Boulder band Intuit is releasing its third album, “Canyon Roots,” on Saturday at Nederland’s Caribou Room. (Courtesy photo)

By Duncan Taylor
Colorado Daily Columnist

OMG. So much to get to today. In recent weeks, I’ve been going over the many new and upcoming releases from our local music makers, and today I want to get in depth with one spectacular new album in the hopes to get you off your butt and up to the release party Saturday night at the Caribou Room in Nederland.

Longtime Boulder power group Intuit is one of those rare high-talent bands you might just stumble across playing at a local brewery. Though the Naropa grads have been playing shows big and small for years, they’re also our neighbors — some of the kindest at that — and coworkers and friends. When you see these cats play at their level, it’s clear the group is a diamond in the rough.


Good, local music is something to be celebrated and loved. But none of that actually need be the reason you download or purchase Intuit’s newest, “Canyon Roots,” as soon as you’re done reading this.

Do it for the sound quality. I try to listen and get my hands on as much locally recorded music as possible, and let me say without qualification: “Canyon Roots” by Intuit is one of the best-sounding full-band albums I’ve ever heard. And you know I’m a snob about well-recorded music.  Read More…


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